Get a Live Webcasting – Virtual Meeting Quote Today

ICV’s All-Hands webcast – Virtual Meeting fees average about $5,500.00 per event.  We offer approaches that lower the cost, or you can create an event that may cost more than that. *Note that the prices do not include travel expenses.”

All of our Webcasts include:

– Pre-event site survey

– Single point of Contact at ICV for Project Management

– Custom Media Portal at the URL of your choice

– HD Camera Operator

– Encoding Technician

– Embeddable responsive Video Player within your secure (or public) portal

– Recording and Archiving of your video 

– User metrics on live and archived streaming

– Hosting of the portal and video for 12 months

– Global streaming on Akamai’s CDN network

Call Toll Free at 800-272-3070 for a freindly webcasting consultation. Or click to send us a request.