Conference Event Live Webcasting

We can manage your entire event no matter where it is

We handle the entire live webcast process, affordably and flawlessly.

  • Webcasts can be repurposed to generate income

    Build sessions and on-demand presentations using any of your archived webcasts. Sell access to each session, or create courses and bundles of sessions.

  • You control access to your webcasts

    User registration is included. Decide what to publish. Grant access to individual users or create groups of users. Sell or give free access to your events. Allow employees or partners to login. Sell seats to organizations. 

  • A single Website for live and archived content

    Build a powerful library of content. Simplify your process with our Media Portal by archiving your webcasts as you produce them. Users visit the same web location for live or on-demand webcasts.

  • New sponsorship opportunities are created

    With every session and every webcast a new sponsorship opportunity arises. Change sponsors, remove them or add more whenever you need to.

  • Added value to members, workforce or attendees

    Create a higher level of value for your audience. They wont have to go anywhere else to find the webcasting video content they are looking for.

From Townhall Webcasts to a Multi Day Conference webcast, our Live Webcasting service changes the game. Live Webcasts of your conference events or meetings can be shared globally.  

Conference Event Webcasting

Sell online attendance to your conference event. Build an online library of past conferences for even greater sponsorship and ongoing revenue opportunities. Viewers watch live or on-demand after the event. Our synchronized video and PowerPoint video players give viewers an exceptional webcast viewing experience. Our Media Portal offers an agenda of sessions, user registration and e-commerce. Our video players work on all mobile devices for ease of access.

Build your Brand and Build Confidence

A quality webcast impresses and captures attention. Users expect a flawless quality presentation in person, why deliver less than that online? Generate a buzz and build a social media audience with Live webcasting that requires no internal resources. ICV manages the Entire Webcast Process.

If you are webcasting now, are you doing it right?

Present, train, share and sell live and on-demand. And do across the globe from your location at an affordable cost. Get an online webcasting cost quote for your event.

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